Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Baba the Storyteller - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Whenever Tariq goes to the hospital, he will always spend some moments with his Baba.

His favourite thing to do is to take some chocolates from his Baba's Chocolate Bowl meant for Baba's patients. Lol. 

But there is another thing that Tariq loves to do.

It is to dismantle the Human Organ Model on his Baba's table.

Tariq will take out part by part, asking the organ functions. 

Alhamdulillah his Baba is a very good teacher who can make anatomy very interesting for a 6-year old. 

When Baba explains, he becomes like a storyteller. 

He not only explains the organ functions, but also the implication to the organs if we dont do our part properly.

Like for example, if Tariq doesnt chew your food properly, your stomach here have to work harder to break down your food. Kesian the stomach. That is why Allah gives you teeth. So you chew properly to help your stomach. And after that, the vitamins from the broccoli Tariq eats will enter your body from this small intestines. So if Tariq doesnt eat good healthy food like vegetables, eggs.. then small intestine has no work to do..

Lebih kurang macam tu Tariq's Baba stories goes. 

And being a General Surgeon, he has many many stories to tell Tariq.

Even Mama learn something new every time! 

Children are always curious and eager to learn. So when they ask, we must always find the time to answer. 

So, Thanks for your time Baba, and so sorry to kacau and disrupt your busy schedule.

See you at home inshaAllah! 💗

So many organs already tergolek2 on the table. Tariq's handywork!

And Baba eagerly explaining to Tariq, as usual

Baba the Storyteller, telling stories about lungs to Tariq, the eager beaver!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Amusing Sayings Kids Say - Inspirational Story as a Parent

A few days back I was sitting on the sofa and asked Tariq to help get my handbag from the table near him.

Where is it, Mama..? he asked while looking at the table. 

There.. there.. the orange bag.. it is right in front of you..., I pointed to him.

This one..? Tariq asked again to reconfirm

Yes sayang..bring it to Mama.., I told him

He took the handbag, put it beside me, walked away a few steps, turned and said to me,

Mama, you cannot buy anymore bags..!, he said with a firm voice

What..?? But why..??, Mama only have a few bags.., I said defending myself have many many bags. Too many. If Mama buy some more bags, Tariq cannot remember your bags anymore. Tariq will get very confused..!

And by just saying that, I burst into laughter.

Anak bertuah! Hahaha

Alhamdulillah and thank you for the reminder anyway, Tariq.

Mama will think think about it okay...

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Glorious Books! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

We went to the MPH Bookerville Carnival today.

Of course Tariq was super excited!

He is just like my father when it comes to books. 

Every single time I take Tariq to a book fair, images of my dad keeps flashing in front of me.

The way Tariq checks inside the pages of every book before he decides if he wants the book is exactly like my dad.

Even though Tariq still doesnt know how to read, he will go thru the books and analyze its content using the pictures inside the book.

I guess thru the pictures Tariq can gauged if the book is interesting enough or not.

If the book makes the cut, he will put it inside his shopping bag. If it doesnt, back on the shelves it will go.

Never once Tariq asked me what those books are about.

I am always amused by his process.

My dad always reminded me. His pesan to me is that I must let Tariq choose his own books when he is ready.

Dont force down the type of books you want him to read. Let him choose.

So because of that, Tariq brought back 8 bags of books full of stories of superheroes, dinosaurs, dragon, animals fiction and cowboys!

And that gives me a good hint of what Tariq is into at this moment.


Go go power rangers! Yes, this one make the cut and got into Tariq's shopping bag

Carefully scrutinizing the book shelf... just like grandpa...

And Tariq starts stacking..

I bet Tariq creates his own version of the book using the pictures he see

Friday, March 31, 2017

Tariq's Pet - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Sometime last year, Tariq asked me if he could have a pet. After much discussion, I gave him a firm NO giving a few reasons.

Then, a few weeks back as I was just parking my car, my dear neighbour, Melvin came over.

Tariq.., do you want a bird? Uncle has three birds at home and Uncle knows you like animals. So you can have one of my birds.., he said

I was just about to answer Melvin with a No, thank you when Tariq suddenly jumped up and down.

Yes, yes! I want, I want Uncle Melvin!, Tariq want a bird!, said Tariq full of joy.

Okay.. Uncle go and take the bird for you now. You wait okay.., said Melvin

That instance, Tariq turned to me, eyes sparkling so bright, smile so broad and said,

Mama!! At last!! Tariq has my own pet..!!

My neighbor came back moments later with the bird, complete with the cage, the food and the toys for the bird.

SubhanAllah the bird is indeed beautiful. It has silverly grey feather with a touch of metallic blue and green. Imagine that...

So now, Tariq has a pet he called LoveBird because that is the type of bird his pet is.

For now, I only have one thing to say..

May the bird has a long life under Tariq's care..

*as of this moment, i am still trying to instill the understanding of freedom in Tariq. And the rights of animals to live freely. And the wisdom behind 'If you love something, you set it free'. I am still not successful, so please pray for me too!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Have Confidence - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today morning Tariq cut his nails on his own for the first time and I was so happy that he did.

Despite my tummy cringe thru the whole process I decided to zip my mouth so not to ruin his confidence.

Macam nie la big boy! You can do many things by yourself now.., I complimented him.

Alhamdulillah.., my heart uttered pleased with his development.

A few seconds later, he said to me,

Mama..., can Tariq have handphone like **Adam..?

Say what now..?, I asked Tariq again coz I was not sure what I heard.

Can Tariq have handphone like Adam..? Tariq repeated himself.

Omg!! Omg!! 

I am not ready for this. I thought I have at least 6 more years before I have to deal with handphone issue. 

Tariq is only 5 and half years old!


**Adam's name was change for privacy purposes.

Very focused... every time Tariq snips his nails, I bite my tongue!

Breathe Mama breathe.. He has got to learn to do it himself sooner or later!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Resuming Tariq's Prayers - Inspirational Story as a Parent

The two prayers that I regularly perform together with Tariq are always the Maghrib and Isya' prayers.

So, a few days into his fever last week, I know he was improving much better coz he is already able to watch the movie by sitting up straight instead of lying down. 

So, I asked him to resume his prayer. 

Mama, Tariq feel my legs are tired.., said Tariq

Let us pray sitting down, sayang..

How, Mama..?

Tariq just follow Mama okay..., I told him

And since that day onwards, Tariq really loves praying sitting down that now I have problems making him stand again!


But it doesn't matter.

Coz now he knows he can pray standing up and sitting down.



Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Personal Dessert Chefs - Inspirational Story as a Parent

It is the first day of school holidays. Yeay! 

I am so happy.

And Tariq got his cousins who came for a sleepover to bake a chocolate cake with him.

These boys were so excited measuring the ingredients, cracking the eggs and mixing them together
It was so cute when all three of them were fixated and fascinated by the bowl mixer movements as it turns round and around and around.

And 40 minutes later, they made all sorts of yummy sounds while eating their hot delicious chocolate cake fresh from the oven.

See boys, baking is easy, isn't it? 

Senang la Mama nanti.. now I have 3 little chefs to cook for me.. 

Alhamdulillah! 😍

Who can resist this?

Nothing beats eating a hot chocolate cake fresh from the oven!

Mixing the ingredients together