Thursday, November 03, 2016

Learning Rejection and Confidence - Inspirational Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

Last weekend, Tariq and a few of his beloved cousins volunteered at Kuala Lumpur Palestine Film Festival 2016 in Publika. Alhamdulillah. After I explained to them the purpose of this year fund raising i.e. To raise money for mobile Clinic and purchase of milk, I assigned them to distribute VPM flyers to the mall goers.

After a few hours, Tariq came back to me. So I asked him how was it. 

'Some people don't want to take from Tariq, Mama..' he said with sad eyes

'But did some take from you?' I asked him

'Yes, some people take from me' he answered still in sad voice..

Immediately I hugged him and said, 

'That's awesome sweetheart. It is okay if there are people who did not take the flyers from you, but for those who took from Tariq, Tariq has helped your Palestinian friends to buy some milk! And that's really cool. Well done my darling. Mama am so proud of you'

Giving flyers to strangers seems like a small thing. But I absolutely love the training it provides for Tariq. 

It makes him understand that not everyone will take or like what he offers, it helped him learn to handle rejection, it builds his confidence, it help instill courage in him and it teaches him communication. And to do it in support of a noble humanitarian cause, makes it much sweeter. 

My help managed to capture some pictures of Tariq doing his part for Palestine, but these here are my favourite. The kind guy took time to interview Tariq and ask questions, then took the brochure and patted him, giving Tariq the much needed confidence to continue distributing the flyers.

Thank you kind soul for that little chat you had with him. I appreciate it all so much ❣️

The interview session. So sweet

Tariq walked up to the person himself..

This melts my heart

Abang Nazhan was responsible to train his two little brothers last weekend. Nazhan is a seasoned VPM Volunteer who has been helping VPM since he was about like 7 years old. Told him since I have been training him, now it is time for him to 'download' his knowledge to both Tariq and Nazeer too. And I must say, Nazhan did awesome!! Thanks sayang

Hope Tariq has answered the Uncle's questions correctly!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

We Are Ready! - Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

And we are off the Kuala Lumpur Palestine Film Festival 2016. Tariq shall be on duty today- distribute flyers about Palestine and hold the donation box. Join us there!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Film 'Oversized Coat' - Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

The film’s title is from a Palestinian metaphor about carrying a responsibility that is too heavy. As a child, the protagonist had always wanted to wear his father’s coat and the coat takes center stage in the opening and closing scenes. 

Oversized Coat takes a look at life under Israeli occupation in a small village in the West Bank. It takes audiences through the two ’intifadas’, the Oslo Agreement and other significant moments between 1987 and 2011. The director tries to impart a humanitarian message from the Palestinian perspective, showing the viewers that behind the walls and international propaganda beat ordinary Palestinian hearts longing for ordinary lives like everyone else.

Interestingly, Oversized Coat was funded through a campaign launched by the filmmaker himself called “One Hundred Cinema” where 70 Palestinian businessmen donated USD1,000 each towards its making.

Showing on both days of KLPFF2016 between 3.15-5.15pm

The Film 'Swimming Camp In Gaza' - Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

Watch this heart warming short documentary at KLPFF2016 both days between 5.30pm-7pm. Swimming Camp In 2016, there were no summer camps in Gaza due to UN funding cuts and children were left with a void during the summer school holidays. The ten year long siege means that there is very little recreation for children and the desolate conditions make it imperative that they be productively engaged.

Viva Palestina Malaysia stepped in and raised funds to sponsor a swimming camp. 120 Palestinian children were given free swimming lessons and graduated after 20 classes. The project was implemented by North Gaza Cultural Center and supervised by Rowad Society for Social Development. The pool was generously built through the contribution of The Italian Center for Cultural Exchange.

VPM fully supports such initiatives as they provide a brief respite for these innocent children from what is surely one of the most dreadful living conditions in the world.

The Film 'Detaining Dreams' - Stories from the KL - Palestine Film Festival 2016

Detaining Dreams will be shows at KLPFF2016 on both days at 12.40-2pm.

Detaining Dreams Israel has the dubious distinction of being the only country in the world that systematically prosecutes between 500 and 700 children in military courts each year. Life in prison is a stark reality for many Palestinian children and from the moment of arrest, these children experience torture at the hands of their brutal captives, with three out of four subjected to physical violence during arrest or interrogation.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Amazing Perth Trip - Inspirational Story that Allah is the Best Planner

We were on the 4th day in Perth and Tariq suddenly announced on top of his voice,

Mama..Baba... Perth is my favourite, very most favourite country in my whole world!!

And we both burst into laughter! 

First we were very amused that Perth is now a country, and secondly coz Tariq said ' my whole world'

And I totally got it why Tariq truly enjoyed Perth.

He got to watch the Humpback Whales swimming and 'dancing' in the Indian Ocean, he got to feed the giraffe and kangaroos, he got to milk the Cow, hug the Sheep and Goat, he chased after the Ducks, he learn how to shear the sheep, he saw briefly some Dolphins, a Lamb kissed him on his cheeks, he held in his tiny palm Dinosaur's teeth for the first time, he fed carrots to a Guinea Pig and did many other animal kingdom based activities.

Not to mention the beautiful cool crisp weather and clean city.

Perth is indeed an amazing classroom for Tariq.

I think Tariq's three biggest lessons from Perth are that Tariq learn how to care and love the animals, he learn the beauty of cleanliness and most of all he learn how to accept Allah's Plan that is different from what he wants. 💖

This last but most important lesson for Tariq comes from the Swim with Wild Dolphin experience. I promised to take him swimming with wild dolphins if he practiced hard for his swimming
competition. Needless to say, he was dreaming about it day and night. And when the day arrived, the Dolphins weren't cooperating. After 6 hours on the boat searching, they call it a day. Tariq was teary and sobbing sadly when I explained to him he won't be swimming with the Dolphins. He was heartbroken.

Then I explained that In life there are some things we can control and some things we cannot control. And this is one of them. No matter how much we plan and plan and plan, and work hard for it, if Allah said no, then it won't happen. But a good little Muslim knows that Allah loves him and will give him something better in the future. A better Dolphin. Maybe another trip to another country that has Dolphins. Or maybe the Dolphins are not healthy and if Tariq swims with them, Tariq will get their germs.

And amazingly, Tariq nodded slowly, his sobbing subsides and he started smiling again.

Now Tariq knows how heavy he is! — at Scitech.

Beautiful tail captured by Tariq's Baba — at Indian Ocean.

City of Light.. Perth at Night — in City of Perth

Sample of Dino poopoo! — at Scitech Dinosaur Exhibition.

Komodo Dragon. Tariq's fav — at Perth Zoo

Feeding the Kangaroo — at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Playing with sand — at Sorrento Quay Boardwalk - Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Night Dinner Cruise — at Elizabeth Quay, Esplanade, Perth.

At Perth Zoo.

Here you go..


Feeding milk to the goat

Tariq reads map at everyplace we go — at Perth Zoo.

Cute little lamb — at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Cheeky time — at Kings Park, Perth City, Western Australia.

Feeding the Giraffe — at Perth Zoo.

Perth at nighy — at Elizabeth Quay, Esplanade, Perth.

Post at the majestic tree — at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Back of the humpback

A kiss for Tariq! — at Freemantle Market.

Tariq and the Boat Captain

Watching fish swim closeup view — at AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia.

That's the Whale!! — at Indian Ocean.

Kesian the sheep after shearing.. — at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Dinasour storytelling puppet show — at Scitech Dinosaur Exhibition.

That hen looks so weird

Feeding the Guinea Pig with carrots — at Freemantle Market.

Playing with some Perth friends on this amazing swing — at Kings Park: Saw Ave picnic area


Entrance of Perth Zoo — at Perth Zoo.

Mama, I am tired...

At Scitech Dinosaur Exhibition.

This is the Dino teeth Tariq is holding — at Scitech Dinosaur Exhibition.

Map — at Caversham Wildlife Park.

Bonding time with Baba❤️ — with Hamid Sain at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Walking on the glass bridge — at Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

Can he see me?

In Wet Suit looking for Dolphins — in Rockingham, Western Australia.

Rolling in the Aussie sand! — at Sorrento Quay Boardwalk - Hillarys Boat Harbour.