Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Birds of Mekah - Inspirational Story as a Parent

When we travel with Tariq, we especially try to make sure that we tailor our itinerary alongside his interests. 

So, what could be one of the things kids like Tariq could enjoy on a spiritual-focus trip to Mekah?

The birds of Mekah!

Yes. Absolutely.

Tariq really loves the birds here. I think they are pigeons. And known by the Meccan as Pigeons of Al-Hema.

These lovely birds live alongside the streets, roadsides and roofs of buildings. They roam and fly freely at the Grand Mosque, and being fed by the passerby there. They co-exist with human harmoniously. MashaAllah.

Tariq just loves these greyish-whitish-greenish bird.

He never passed any opportunities to feed them, chase them, stand in he midst of the birds or just simply let the birds come to him.

Once when we were sitting in front of Kaabah and saw the birds roaming around it, I asked Tariq..

Did you see any birds poop here, Tariq?

No, Mama.. why they don't poop here?

The birds know that this is Kaabah. This is Allah's House. So they do not pooped inside the Masjid, they don't poop outside the Masjid too. And they sure don't poop on the Kaabah.. Amazing, right?, I answered him

Ha'ah Mama.. the bird here are awesome. Not like the birds at home. Kesian Mama... Birds in Malaysia tu pooped on Mama's car all the time, said Tariq


Yes Tariq. Kesian kan Mama's poor car. Always being pooped on by the birdies at home..

 One of Tariq favourite things in Mekah- chasing the birds

Here he comes!
Tariq goes to anywhere the birds are flocking
The hunter and the his prey!
Fly birdie fly!!
Here Tariq comes!
I love this picture. Taken simply with my iPhone. What a lucky shoot!
Tariq jumping happily in the midst of bird's food

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Prophet SAW and Children - A Motivational Story about Expressing Fondness to Children

When we were in Mekah and Medinah, Tariq experienced something amazing. 

And I managed to capture some of them.

Regardless of whatever we were doing - either just walking or standing, or waiting for prayers, or buying things, or performing rituals etc..

.... passersby would smile at Tariq, wave to him, hug him, touch his head, tease him, play with him, kiss his cheek, patted his shoulder, give him candy and gifts, pinch his cheeks, extend their hands to salam him, sometimes giggling away looking at him and some even make wonderful duaa for him.


All these love to children shown by these strangers reminded me of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Prophet Muhammad has always expressed his fondness of children . He did not hold back his love for them. He would pick up children in his arms, play with them, and kiss them. He played with them and took keen interest in them. 

Aishah (radi Allahu anha) reported that some bedouins came to the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) and asked, “Do you kiss your children?” He replied, “Yes” They then said: “By Allah, we do not kiss them” He (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) then replied, “I cannot help you if Allah has snatched kindness from your hearts.”

So this is the beautiful truth. 

All those who has shown Tariq love and compassion that day, they are the ones with really kind and merciful hearts. 

Their actions are just a reflection of their hearts, SubhanAllah.. 

May Allah continues to bless them all..

This shop owner said Tariq is like his son
We were waiting for the lift in Medinah to go to Masjid Nabawi and these uncles so geram with Tariq so they teased him and the take wefie with him

This is after performing Umrah. The Uncle sent Tariq right to the doorstep of our hotel

Ammati Naz Sharifah Naziha, missing Tariq so much

This Uncle entertained Tariq for so long while Mama shop Abaya at the opposite shop .. he did magic show one after another Non-stop!

This Uncle asked Tariq to choose whatever sweets and candies he desires. Mama freaks out but still smile on the outside

Tariq was tired after the Saei so he decided to rest his arm on the Uncle who pushed the wheelchair for him. The Uncle made a beautiful duaa for Tariq..

This Uncle, name is Muhammad gave Tariq one box of free perfume and invite Tariq to help him man the shop!

Tariq's Ihram almost fall off while playing with these Uncles so they helped tighten it for him

We walked into the lounge and immediately this Abang called Tariq and gave him a great gift. Thank you!!

This sweet girl tries to entice Tariq to take picture with her. Kesian not successful. But she tried so hard. Bless her sweet soul

These Aunties speaks no English. I know they said they are from Pakistan. But just like any adorable grandmothers, they keep pinching Tariq and pulling him to them so they can kiss him!

This Abang melayan Tariq for so long Mama needed to sit on a chair waiting for them

Tariq's barber for 2016

We were buying some books at Darusalam Mekah and the shop staff had so much fun with Tariq and decided to take a wefie with him

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Strengthening the Bond Between Cousins - Inspirational Story as a Parent

One of the things my dad keep reminding me is to always keep strengthening the bond and love between Tariq and his cousins, and vice versa.

Tariq must know that they are his brothers and sisters.., and that they always got his back.., said my dad

I know why my dad keeps reminding me.

He doesn't want Tariq to feel he is lacking of siblings. He wants us to instill the importance of kinship in all his grandchildren. He knew that maintaining love, compassion and kindness amongst kinship will bring wealth, health and His Rahmah to us..

That's Allah promise.. 

So every opportunity we get, we will make a trip to his cousins. And they will spend days at Tariq's home too. It is especially more during school holidays.

So this school holiday, we decided to take the kids to Legoland.

We spend almost 8 hours in there and what a superb time they had! 

They played, they argued, they make up, they play again and argue again and make up again. 

And that's the process of building love and friendship amongst kins!

Entry to Legoland!
Underwater photo. Great pose everyone!
And we are in!!

Hi there!
This is Tariq's fav attraction!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Children Learn Best When They Play! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Children learn best when they play!

Yup, we truly believe in that. And child psychologists has also proven that it is true.

And that's why I love school holidays!

It means I am able to spend more time with Tariq, Nazeer and all my beloveds.

Just simply playing, having fun, enjoying each other.

Never mind a messy house,

Never mind a noisy house,

Never mind a fight here and there.

Never mind all that.

And when they play, there is NO gadgets, NO technology. They play with just simply using their imagination!

Isn't that much more fun?

Rest for a bit discussing which movie to beg me to let them watch..
Rest for a bit discussing which movie to beg me to let them watch..
Never mind the movies, let's play the dinosaurs!
Since all the dinosaurs are dead, time for the snakes to conquer the world!
He said his little duck is hurt, so him and his Ninjago are taking the duck to the hospital via helicopter! What a scary heli!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mountain of Uhud - Inspirational Story as a Parent

We took about 4 hours driving from Mekah to Medinah. Along the way, I told Tariq the story of Prophet Muhammad SAW's migration from Mekah to Medinah. 

I asked him to observe the landscape. The reddish black mountains, the extremely hot weather, the absence of trees and clouds..

Can you imagine Tariq, how Prophet and his BFF, Abu Bakr walked thru this desert to come to Medinah? Even though he was tired, he keeps on walking. They walk and walk and walk and walk for one whole month, 400 km..

Why? he asked

Because Allah ask him to do so. Because the Quraish wanted to kill Prophet. 

He is not tired?

Of course he was tired. But he did not give up. He stay focus. He puts in the effort. He rest only a bit then continue walking. Until he reached Medinah..

Where is his wife? continues the question

His wife has died at that time..

So sad Mama... like Grandpa, said Tariq 

And Tariq 1001 questions continues.. 

City of Medinah holds so much history and lessons. 

Tariq's picture here is on the Mountain of Uhud. We told him the story of the archers. 

He was so fascinated and he finds it amazing that they can stand on this very uneven hill, full of pebbles and stones mountain and still can shot bullseye. 

Like Katniss*, Mama..

Haha, yes like Katniess! 

So he decided to pose like the WingShun Master, and strike another pose as Katniss, the archer!

Friday, December 09, 2016

One of My Best Memories from Mekah - Inspirational Story as a Parent

We are leaving Mekah today and this is one of my best memories of Tariq and me. Picture was taken at 2am. It was the first time Tariq touched the Kaabah's Wall and also see the Prophet Abraham's footstep. I had to lift him up as he was too short to see it! 

He also was blessed to touch the Hajar Aswad even if it's for just a few seconds Alhamdulillah! 

I also shared with him the story of the flood and why praying inside Hijir Ismail is like praying inside the Kaabah. He was so fascinated by the fact that there was once Kaabah has a different shape! 

We spend sometime repeating and retelling many Prophets stories with him. 

The Kaabah, the Black Stone, the Safar and Marwah, the Maqam Ibrahim, the Zamzam Well etc. Obviously, that morning he was super happy and joyful Alhamdulillah!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Negotiating and Balance of Power - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I believed that when it comes to Tariq, me and his Baba must try to show him there is an equal balance of 'power' between us. 

As most of the time Tariq is with me, so during our family outings on weekends, I always make him ask his dad for anything he wants.

So that day, again, Tariq had to present his case to his Baba on why he needs that Tanglung Transformer. 

His dad is a tougher cookie than I am so I have a good time giggling away watching Tariq negotiating his way with his dad.

And there is always always something that Tariq must promise his dad before he can get whatever he wants.

Honestly, sometimes I do feel kesian watching Tariq cracking his brain trying to reason out his request with his dad. 

But, hey, he needs to learn how to negotiate sooner or later, doesn't he? 

So why not start now with one of the toughest and objective-no nonsense negotiator on the planet, his Baba..😂

Baba, can I buy the Transformer toys, pleaseee.. ( Just look at his Baba's facial expression. Like a Judge listening to the Lawyer making his case! scary... )

All right Baba! It is a deal! Tariq promise!

Thank you Baba... I love youuuu
Hope the deal you strike with Baba was worth it, Tariq!