Thursday, March 23, 2017

Resuming Tariq's Prayers - Inspirational Story as a Parent

The two prayers that I regularly perform together with Tariq are always the Maghrib and Isya' prayers.

So, a few days into his fever last week, I know he was improving much better coz he is already able to watch the movie by sitting up straight instead of lying down. 

So, I asked him to resume his prayer. 

Mama, Tariq feel my legs are tired.., said Tariq

Let us pray sitting down, sayang..

How, Mama..?

Tariq just follow Mama okay..., I told him

And since that day onwards, Tariq really loves praying sitting down that now I have problems making him stand again!


But it doesn't matter.

Coz now he knows he can pray standing up and sitting down.



Saturday, March 18, 2017

More Personal Dessert Chefs - Inspirational Story as a Parent

It is the first day of school holidays. Yeay! 

I am so happy.

And Tariq got his cousins who came for a sleepover to bake a chocolate cake with him.

These boys were so excited measuring the ingredients, cracking the eggs and mixing them together
It was so cute when all three of them were fixated and fascinated by the bowl mixer movements as it turns round and around and around.

And 40 minutes later, they made all sorts of yummy sounds while eating their hot delicious chocolate cake fresh from the oven.

See boys, baking is easy, isn't it? 

Senang la Mama nanti.. now I have 3 little chefs to cook for me.. 

Alhamdulillah! 😍

Who can resist this?

Nothing beats eating a hot chocolate cake fresh from the oven!

Mixing the ingredients together

Friday, March 17, 2017

Goodbye quarantine, Hello world! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Tariq had always wanted to ride the wheelchairs whenever we visit a hospital. 

Of course I said no, but since he is the one who is ill this time around, I let him do so.

The first time he sat on the wheelchair, there was no reaction. I guess he was too ill that day.

But yesterday during our follow up, he was actually enjoining the wheelchair.

Asking me to push him fast, then push him slow, then fast again.. and of course, wheeling himself at some point too!

I guess children can amused themselves with almost anything 

But best news for us is that,

Alhamdulillah, Tariq's Paediatrician, Uncle Dr Chin has allowed Tariq to resume all his activities. He just need to finish off his antibiotics till Sunday 

So, JazakAllah khayran and Thank you everyone for your kind duaa! 💖💖💖 and for sending your loving thoughts, wishes and TLC to Tariq! 

Only Allah can repay your kindness

Tariq is now back to his healthy-self, cheeky-self and happy-self 


Goodbye quarantine, Hello world!

Tariq with his Uncle Dr Chin. He gave Tariq one of his lego figurine in the clinic for Tariq to bring home. Super happy la Tariq. Thanks so much Dr Chin! 😍

Posing with his wheelchair. I think he thinks he looks so cool with the wheelchair!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Only Allah Can Take Your Pain Away - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Tariq had high temperature since last Sunday morning. It went off and on and off and on again. And with slight cough.

What was strange to me is that he said he also has headache.

First thing that cross my mind is that can a 6 year old really have headache? 

But as the day progresses, he started crying and holding his forehead saying it is painful there.

So we went to see his Paed, and yes he has fever with his sinus acting up. I didn't even know a child can have sinus.. ya Allah.. 

One time when Tariq was crying in pain, I said to him.., 

Sayang, Mama knows you are in pain. But instead of saying to Mama, painful, painful, when Tariq feels painful, Tariq should say Allah..Allah... because only Allah can heal Tariq.. only Allah can make your pain go away... so when Tariq are in pain, Tariq call Allah's name and say Allah Allah okay sayang..?

Okay Mama.., he answered sobbing

And since then, intermittently, I will hear Tariq calling Allah..Allah.. with his hands on his forehead and tears running down his cheeks..

My heart melts away..

A strong lesson for my 6 year old Tariq about illness and pain, blessings of health and dependence on Allah..


Thursday, March 09, 2017

Be a Thinking Genuis - Inspirational Story as a Parent

A few weeks back, I brought Tariq to watch his very first Jackie Chan movie- Kungfu Yoga.

During the movie, I pointed out how JC was a brilliant martial artist because he is able to use anything and everything around him when fighting his enemy.

See Tariq.., Jackie Chan doesn't even have to have any weapon in his hands. He just uses what he sees around him..., I pointed out to Tariq 

Wow..., Tariq was impressed

So you see Tariq, we don't necessarily need everything to be perfect to do something. A thinking genius like Jackie Chan will just use anything he can find to help him defeat his enemy. So Tariq also must use what you have around you when you want to do something.. do you understand, darling..?, I asked Tariq hoping that he understand this important life lesson

How did Jackie Chan become a genius, Mama..? asked Tariq

Oh, coz he loves to read books, doesn't waste time, he practice his Kungfu always..., came my 'fabricated' answered

Since then I have purchased one DVD of old Jackie Chan movie and Tariq watched it attentively.

Well, fast forward a few weeks later, Tariq decided to wear the gorgeous cape given by his Kakak Princess Umairah Syafiqah, Ibu Nur Barizah Abu Bakar and co.

And I was laughing aloud when Tariq suddenly started using his cape to melibas, chop off and face smack his imaginary enemies!

Well done Tariq!

Mama think you got the whole idea!


* I am sure he got the idea from Jackie Chan but I see his moves are still from Donnie aka Ipman in Star Wars!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Seeking Knowledge - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Remember to build the culture and habit of seeking knowledge in Tariq. Let him see the many difference ways to learn.., said my father once while holding the then Baby Tariq in his arms

I will always remember those important words Abah.. 

So this weekend, I enrolled Tariq into the Kids Program slot at RIS Convention 2017. 

This event is super special for me because this is Tariq's very first convention!

I also bought tickets for the Family Room where Mummies and Daddies are able to watch the live feed thru the big screen while manning their little babies and toddlers.

This is also the first time Revival of Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention is being held outside of North America.

And Tariq loves it there! He can't wait to get back into the Kids Hall after his lunch break on Saturday. And this Sunday morning, he woke up full of energy, got ready and we drove to Putrajaya for another day of fun for him

So have a great time Tariq! Mama will just be in the next hall, learning as much as you so that Baba Mama and Tariq will be continuously loved by Allah and earn His Pleasure and Blessings InshaAllah!

We made it early! Yeay!

Kids Program Itinerary. How I wish I can be in Tariq's Hall too! Ahaks!

Cute lanyard tag for Tariq's identification

First event this Sunday morning is the Karate Slot!

Icing on the cake for my martial art obsess boy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Personal Dessert Chef - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Once a week I call him Chef Tariq. 

Coz once a week, he will be the dessert Chef at home.

I knew Tariq's interest in cooking is triggered at his Kindy Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua during their Practical Skill activity when little ones will learn to make one simple yet delicious dessert.

So when Tariq asked me if he can make cupcakes at home for the very first time, my eyes twinkle with happiness and my heart joyfully skipped a beat!

Of course can, sayang!, I told him.

And I immediately went to buy the simplest Stand Mixer suitable for little hands to operate.

One of the funniest things he said to me was when he saw his cupcakes in the oven doubled its size, he excitedly called me,

Mama!! Look!! Tariq's cupcakes already sado (macho)!!

Haha! Cupcake sado?

I guess that's what happened when we have our sons baking.

We got a Sado cupcake!

But sado cupcake or not, I do want Tariq to know how to cook and bake.

He should not think kitchen is a women's territory.

And I want him to be comfortable in the kitchen. I want him to explore the wonders of creating something from scratch. I also want him to be independent. I want him to know that cooking is not an exclusively woman's task.

And most of all, selfishly, I want him to always remember our times together when he enters the kitchen, InshaAllah.

Tariq stirring slowly making sure his jelly melts properly

When can I eat Mama.. I am hungry..

Yes, piping too! I love his cute little icing piping... so seketul seketul like that..

Pouring some flour into the mixer

Slowly and carefully pouring the hot jelly..

Carefully arranging the cupcake case. A delicate task that uses a lot of his fine motor skill..

Watching the beautiful dance mix between flour and butter

Mama!! Look!! The cupcakes are sado!!